From citrus fruit to liqueur, 50 years on the market

Limonio’s citrus production is carried out exclusively on small plots of land. Organic and seasonal, this is the path chosen by the Russo family, going all the way back to the company founder Francesco, in order to bring out the unmistakable quality of its flavours – flavours and aromas unparalleled anywhere in the entire island-continent of Sicily.

Quality that this company from Partinico has seen recognized in each of its incarnations, from the time when, in the first half of the 1900s, it specialized in the production of essential oils extracted by hand from citrus blossoms to the present day’s success of Limonio’s liqueurs, which have gained and international customer base spanning from North America to the Far East and across all of Europe and most of Asia, reaching as far as the southernmost tip of the African continent. Let’s not forget, also, the great popularity the brand enjoyed for over 50 years among the countries of the Eastern Bloc, where the fresh product is still in high demand today.

USA and Canada; Singapore, Japan and Malaysia; Kenya and South Africa; Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark; Lithuania and Estonia; and then again Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and England, more obviously Italy and the historical relationship with Russia: this, in detail, is the borderless market which loves the Sicilian blossoms elevated by Limonio into perfect bottles of limoncello (the company’s best-selling product) or, to name just two more examples, the prickly pear liqueur and Limonio’s Amaro infused with herbs and orange zest.
From the countryside of Partinico to the rest of the world it is one small step: All you need to travel far, sometimes, is the sweetness of an unforgettable fragrance.



Albero d'olive nella tenuta di Partinico

Our oil

Limonio’s productive mosaic, in which every small piece smells of Sicily, had to include extra virgin olive oil, as olive oil is the crowning jewel of the agricultural tradition developed in the largest island of the Mediterranean and also plays an important role in the history of the Russo family, whose productive roots date back to the early 20th century. The olives grown by Limonio belong to the mono-varietal Cerasuola, harvested in the estate’s 6 hectare olive grove. It is an extraordinarily fine cultivar native of the province of Palermo, with acidity levels no higher that 1%.



I liquori Limonio

Our liqueurs




Made by steeping the peel of bitter oranges, herbs and roots in alcohol, it is best served cold at a temperature between -5 and -8 degrees. Excellent as a pre or after dinner drink.

Prickly Pear Liqueur

Prickly Pears are a symbol of Sicily and the base of this precious and light liqueur (30% alc/vol). Delicious in combination with foods such as foie gras, truffle, salmon and caviar.

Mulberry Liqueur

The purest flavour of Sicilian Morus Nigra, black mulberries variety, extracted and, literally, bottled. It can be served at room temperature or mixed to create interesting cocktails.

Cinnamon Liqueur

Precious cinnamon is the key ingredient in the making of this liqueur. Enjoyed both at room temperature or added to hot beverages such as tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Spice Liqueur

A 32° alc/ vol liqueur obtained from the infusion of oranges and a blend of spices and natural aromas. It can be added to hot beverages such as black tea, herbal teas and even coffee.

Orange Liqueur

Oranges are Sicily's gold and this liqueur obtained using the sweet local variety known as Vanilla, grown on the estate, is a hymn to the timeless aromas of the island.

Mandarin Liqueur

It is a perfect after dinner drink, best enjoyed with Sicily's desserts and is a wonderful addition to the preparation of many recipes such as custards and cream desserts.

Coffee Liqueur

Obtained from a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee infused with sugar and water. It is a rich and intense liqueur that is perfect enjoyed chilled after a meal or served with dessert.

Chocolate Liqueur

One of Limonio's specialties. This sweet liqueur, obtained from the infusion of selected chocolate blends, is delightful with ice and cream, or enjoyed with a delicious Sicilian pastry.

Bay Leaf Liqueur

Perfect as an after dinner digestif, it is also a surprising delight with a plate of "spaghetti all'amatriciana" or barbecued meat. Try it as a mixer with champagne or sparkling white wine.

Lemon liqueur

It is a Limoncello of extraordinary purity, the star of Limonio's liqueur production, obtained from the peel of the Sicilian lemon variety "Femminello", grown in the estate of Partinico.

Olive oil

An intensely fruity extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Sicilian variety Cerasuola harvested as soon as the olives change colour and milled the same day.