After Eight :

6 cl Chocolate Liquor Lemon
1 cl White mint liqueur ( Bols )
Shakered fresh cream flavored with green mint liqueur.
This cocktail should be prepared with the Shake and Strain method.
Bring the chocolate liqueur and the white mint liqueur (Bols) into the shaker with a few ice cubes and shake.
In another shaker put about 5 cl of fresh cream and about 1 cl of green mint liqueur ( Bols) and shake vigorously (Irish Coffee Style )
Pour the shaken liqueurs into a cold martini cup then fill with the well shaken and green mint flavored cream and garnish with flakes of dark chocolate.
P.s: This cocktail can also be served in a “Winter” version, preparing it as Irish Coffee )

Sicily on Ice:
This Cocktail is my own “Mediterranean” version of Moijto
2 cl Mandarin liqueur MANDARETTO from LIMONIO
2 cl orange liqueur ARANCIONE from LIMONIO
2 cl Lemon Liqueur LIMONIO
Top of Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer
2 lime cloves
2 orange or tangerine cloves
This cocktail should be prepared as you prepare the moijto by pounding in a tall tumbler lime, orange and/or tangerine with raw brown sugar and then beat lightly mint leaves.
I prefer it with crushed ice and replacing soda with Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer (Try the two versions )

Aromatic Tini:
This Cocktail is perhaps the most “sophisticated” and complex and should be prepared with the Mix and Strain method
6 cl Laurel Liqueur LIMONIO
1 cl Gin è LIMONIO
0.5 cl lime juice
Sage leaves
A few pieces of fresh ginger
Fresh Basil Leaves
In the mixing glass beat the sage leaves, basil leaves and ginger along with lime juice (I recommend 0.5 cl or less!)
Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir, then pour the laurel liqueur and the Gin è LIMONIO
Cool a martini cup and pour the cocktail taking care to use, in addition to the strainer, also a fine knitted colander.
Garnish with an olive/chive/half-tomato stick.

Mediterranean Spritz:
2 cl Orange liqueur ARANCIONE from LIMONIO
2 cl Mandarin liqueur MANDARETTO from LIMONIO
2 cl Lemon Liqueur from LIMONIO
American Sour sweetened with 1.5 cl of Elderberry syrup (American sour is made with orange juice, lemon juice and lime)
Sparkling Classic Method Saten ( Franciacorta )
Shake the liqueurs together with the American Sour
Pour into a tall Tumbler or better in a Barolo reserve filled with ice and then add the Sparkling.
Garnish with orange and lemon slices
This particular Spritz can also be prepared using a bitter lemon instead of sparkling wine, but I think the one with sparkling wine is more chic ! 😉 😊

 (Sicily flavors
Limonio liqueur
1/4 Limonio liqueur
1/4 Strawberry Vodka
1/4 Peach Vodka
1/4 Lemon Tonic

Sprinkle the rim of the glass with strawberry syrup and some sugar;
Put ice, pour limonio, strawberry vodka, peach vodka and lemon tonic.
Mix everything and add lemon zest and strawberry pieces.

Tangerine Liqueur
1/3 Tangerine liqueur MANDARETTO
1/3 triple sec
1/3 tequila silver
As Basis, liquid brown sugar.

Sprinkle the rim of the glass with liquid brown sugar and sugar;
Shake the other ingredients and serve with two ice cubes and some tangerine clove.

Orange Liqueur
1/3 Orange liqueur  ARANCIONE
1/3 strawberry syrup
1/3 lemon granita

Sprinkle the glass rim with strawberry syrup and some sugar;
Pour the strawberry syrup, the orange liqueur, lemon granita and add 3 ice cubes and lemon zest.

Black Mulberry Liqueur
1/3 Black Mulberry liqueur GELSI NERI
2/3 prosecco

Before pour the liqueur and after the prosecco,
Finally put the black mulberry or berries.

Chocolate Liqueur LIMONIO
1/3 Grand Marnier
2/3 chocolate liqueur

Before put the chocolate liqueur after Grand Marnier,
Add the orange slice

Coffee Liqueur LIMONIO
1/3 Coffee liqueur
1/3 smooth vodka
1/3 liquid cream or condensed milk.

Cool the cup with the ice;
Put the liquid cream in a shaker with ice and shake up, until obtaining liquid cream;
Put gently in order: coffee liqueur, smooth vodka and liquid cream;
Add coffe beans and cocoa powder..

Estonian Inspiration
1 cl Cognac
1 cl dry Prosecco
1 cl Lemon Liqueur LIMONIO

Ice cubes
3 cl lemon liqueur LIMONIO
6 cl Tonic Water

Fill the rest of the glass with prosecco
Garnish with Mint leaf

Summer Gin
Ice cubes
3 cl Gin LIMONIO

Fill the rest of the glass with Dry Tonic

Sprinkle the essential oil Sicilian lemon zests

Lemon zest

1) Prosecco – laurel liqueur
2) Prosecco – mulberry liqueur
3) Prosecco – Mandarin liqueur


Gelsi – Gin – Campari ( 1-2-2 )

Gin – Arancia – Gelsi ( 2- 2- 1 )

Amaro – Gin – Gelsi ( 2 -2- 1 )

Amaro – Gin – Campari ( same parts or 1-1-2 )

Prosecco – Amaro ( 2- 1 )